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Why choose product photography service in China

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Author : Yan
Update time : 2021-01-16 18:48:33

As an Amazon seller or an e-retailer from other e-Commerce platforms, if your supplier is in China, why not source your product photography needs from China?

Over the past 6 years, we have helped many e-store owners created thousands of e-Commerce product photos, and 85% of customers come from Amazon/eBay/website. A lot of people might be thinking what are the benefits to shooting e-commerce photos in China?Here are some benefits to share with you:
1. It can increase efficiency. Time to market is of the essence in a competitive e-Commerce market. Efficiency is money. If your supplier is based in China and has your supplier send the product to a Chinese product photography studio for shooting,then you can immediately list your new products on the e-Commerce websites such as Amazon, Ebay and etc. when your products are ready to ship. Listing your products ahead of your competitors is one of the tricks that ensure you take the lead in the competition. On the contrary, you are losing money if you cannot put your products onto the shelf as soon as they arrive Amazon’s warehouse, because you have to pay the inventory cost.

2. Photo quality is high-quality.  Before e-commerce became popular, we had a lot of experience in product photography.We now take Amazon photos everyday for customers all over the world and taking photos of all kinds of different products. We are very aware of Amazon's image requirements. We know how to make your photos stand out among your competitors. We can not only take white background product photos, but also lifestyle photos with props, models and lifestyle. We also offer enhanced image manipulation and infographic design services by PhotoShop. You can purchase all your image needs in one place.No matter how big or how many of your products are, we have a large location where can shoot your products

3. Preferential price. Many customers buy from China because its products are cheaper. The same applies to service. You can also pay for professional photography service at a reasonably lower price in China.We have been with high quality photos and preferential prices to attract old customers to buy our service back

To summarize, it is faster, better and cheaper to outsource your Amazon photography needs to a professional product photography studio in China. Please check our Amazon product photo portfolio at.Coolbang Photography can bring you photos that you are satisfied with and meet all your requirements.


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