Product Photography Pros and Cons

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As a professional studio, we have served many e-retaile and shot for a wide variety of products.So, what are the pros and cons of product photography? The largest negative is the time the entire process takes. From the set-up to taking the photograph, editing it and then uploading it to where it needs to be. However, the greatest benefit is, of course, the result – a beautiful image!

For the photographer, the best result is a beautiful photo, but for the business owner, the best result is a sale. This is, after all, product photography, and products are generally made to sell. On a website, a beautiful picture of a product will make people click on it to see more, which is the first step in sales. So, I've listed the pros and cons of product photography below:

The Pros and Cons for the Employer of a Freelance or Full-Time Photographer
A time-consuming process is being handled for you, enabling you to focus on your strengths within the business, leading to greater productivity.
On the same topic of time, learning the ins and outs of photography is time-consuming enough, and that’s not mentioning the time it takes to learn Photoshop / Lightroom.
If you have hired a competent photographer, you will get optimal results in a shorter timeframe than you would have otherwise received.
If you are hiring a freelancer, then they will have all the equipment required. This will save on a range of expenses.
The multiple time and costs commitments involved in finding, hiring and paying the photographers wage could be a risk and result in a negative ROI, especially when launching new products with no provable sales history.
If you are employing a full-time photographer, you will incur all costs, including equipment costs and the space required to get the job done.
Freelancers can be expensive. If you have a consistent stream of products that need photographing over time then it can really add up.
It will take time to get the results you want at first, especially at first when they may need training.

Product Photography for E-commerce is The most important factor when it comes to on-page optimisation. A good image is what causes people to click on your product over the competition. Having multiple supporting images is what provides a better context overall. A well-written product description will enhance their desire to a point by connecting their needs with the benefits of the product, but; a sales pitch is always less trustworthy than an image in the consumer’s mind. The headline is the most important piece of content to support the image when it comes to awareness and SEO, but this is less on topic. In a nutshell, I hope this helps you understand that product photography is the biggest ‘Pro’ for e-commerce, and that you will continually work on improving it until you get to where you want to be.
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